Join Laurens on Zwift and chat about all things cycling and his home life.
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Live Slow Ride Fast

Hey Frank,

Live Slow, Ride Fast - the renowned podcast presented by Laurens ten Dam comes to Zwift! We’ve teamed up with Laurens and Stefan to bring you 2 podcasts and 2 in-game rides that reflect his different paces in life.

The first installment titled ‘Live Slow’ Laurens talks about his retirement from professional bike racing and how he still manages to put in the time and what tools, tips, and tricks he uses.

The podcast will be available on today, February 25th on all platforms. Laurens will be hosting an in-game group ride where you can join him to Ride Slow and chat about all things cycling and his home life.

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The second installment ‘Ride Fast’ is all about Laurens move into gravel racing and how he is managing to up the ante and pack in rigorous training around his home life. Join Laurens as he will be hosting a second ride where perhaps things might get competitive? Podcast available on February 27th on all platforms.

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Ride On.

The Team at Zwift